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(16 Jun 2009)

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From Grass Dog Studio

Posted by Fenmere

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The Adventures of DR_SPIN
(06 Apr 2009)

While Harmless Free Radicals is on hiatus, I will continue working on The Adventures of DR_SPIN. I will be posting them here for you to enjoy. For now, if you'd like to read the entire archives, they are buried in this page here. It should have its own page pretty soon.

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DR_SPIN, page 4

From Grass Dog Studio

The ultimate goal is to make it a book. When it's done, we'll get 12 more pages of Harmless Free Radicals before I move on to my next limited run project.

I expect to continue like that for a while.

Posted by Fenmere

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Extended Hiatus
(02 Apr 2009)

Well, as I'm helping my friends move out of their house this week, it appears that my hiatus from drawing comics will extend through this weekend. I do have two pages of DR_SPIN to scan and upload, but I'm going to save those for Monday and Tuesday.

Also, during this time, I've been revising my business plan and my schedule for producing my comics. As some of my readers may know, I have upwards of eight comic projects planned. I want to start tackling the ones that have been waiting the longest to get done. And a number of them are pretty limited runs of 24 to 36 pages each.

Also also, I don't have a day job yet, so I might as well pick up the pace and make a real go at being a professional webcomic author.

But, I'm not done designing the comic management script for my new site design, which is really important for that goal...

I'm sure this leaves you with a whole lot of questions, most of which start with the word, "why..." But instead of answering them with words, I'm just going to do what I plan to do and show you.

It'll be cool. Really cool.

But it means that my production schedule is going to be significantly different than it has been in the past year, and it may take some getting used to.

Stay tuned to find out what it is!

Posted by Fenmere

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Bad Script in the old archives
(30 Mar 2009)

A friend just now pointed out that the script that runs the old archives of Harmless Free Radicals (the stuff I did over eight years ago) is not working. For some really weird reason, you get to see something from last summer and that's it.

I'm sincerely sorry that I did not notice this sooner. I should have known about a month ago, when I switched from PHP 4.0 to PHP 5.0. 5.0 has better security and my old script was lazily written. I just have to put a snippit of code above each page.

I should have time to fix it later today.

Posted by Fenmere

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Back in April
(10 Mar 2009)

I clearly need a hiatus. It's not a vacation, actually, but Harmless Free Radicals and my other comics will need to be put on hold until April.

There are several reasons for this that will ultimately benefit the comics.

First of all, I'm moving. Normally, I wouldn't let this interrupt my work, but it comes in combination with a couple of other things. Moving will help with the production of the comics, though, because I'm moving into a duplex with one of the other most prolific webcomic authors in Bellingham, Eric Iverson, and his wacky family!

Secondly, I'm shoring up various aspects of my business. I have a couple commissions I need to finish up and another art show to organize, but more importantly I must better organize my work flow. I've been cramped and wasting time on all sorts of weird little things, and it has brought my work nearly to a halt. Which segues nicely into my third project.

Making the comics look better. I'm on the verge of dramatically improving the look of all of my comic works, and I'm at a good transitioning point for that. I'm between scenes on Harmless Free Radicals and between pages on Par For the Core and it wouldn't look too weird if the art suddenly tightened up a bit. But I need some time to let some things percolate, and the time to experiment. Again, this is part of reorganizing my work flow, as a large part of the quality of my work has to do with the processes I use to create it.

Finally, I'm working on this thing I call the FenWISE project, or the FenWorks Intertubes Site Engine. I'm scratch building a content management system that will be able to host comics for numerous authors at once, run a forum, several blogs, any number of guestbooks, and my businesses customer accounts, all with distinct and and concise security measures that allow these services to share users if they want to while absolutely insuring the privacy of my clients.

It's actually amazingly simple and a lot of fun to work on, and it has been monopolizing my time.

My two reasons for making this thing, instead of using MoveableType or WordPress, are that I want it to be able to do everything I want it to do with no unnecessary frills and probably more importantly I want it on my resume. The tools I must create in order to make this thing will be invaluable in designing other people's websites.

The benefit to my comics, however, should be most obvious, as their websites will look and work so much better.

I'd like to thank you for your patience while I work on this transition.

Posted by Fenmere

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