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Dragon People

Also known as The Children of the GreatOne, the Dragon People are the aboriginal people of TheEarth. When their physical form dies, they take a new one, either being reborn as an animal of some sort, or by creating a new form from useful elements found in the body of the Earth. They received the name "the Dragon People" from the ChildrenOfAkailea because they often illustrate their works with drawings and paintings of their mother, the GreatOne, who was a dragon.

Each member of the Dragon People is considered a sibling of all the others, and each one has his or her own Art. One of the Dragon People is better at that Art than any other being related to them.

FenmereTheWorm, for example, is the Poet of the Dragon People. The form he most often takes is that of a dragon made from mud, grass, driftwood, seashells, stones and other material easily found on the sea shore. He is capable of writing poetry befitting its purpose better than any poet ever living on Earth. However, because his purpose has grown to involve ever increasing amounts of personal irony and self deprication, his poetry is generally considered to be sophomoric and ameteur at best by most living readers. Recently, he has taken up cartooning, claiming it is the best poetry he has yet invented. However, one of his brothers is, in fact, the Cartoonist of the Dragon People and is much better at creating comics than Fenmere is.

After the war between the Dragon People and the Children of Akailea, which they lost, the Dragon People were banished from taking physical form ever again, and so have reconciled themselves with hiding in chaotic systems such as storms and ocean currents complex enough to carry their spirits. As civilization has progress, these chaotic systems have become smaller, more complex and more comment in the day to day life of human beings. The Children of Akailea continue to be watched, guided and protected by the Dragon People.

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