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The Book
(02 Oct 2007)

I have a new book out! Mind you, I'm going to wait to really advertise it until after I've got my first copy of it in hand. I want to make sure the printing is good.

But if you are an intrepid comic reader, and don't mind sending me money for something that might be a little flawed, you can buy it right now!

The Advanced Edition of The Dragon & the Radical is available for purchase from for $12.46.

It is 32 pages of black and white artwork, three panels per page, and complete. If you order it now, you'll be able to read to the end of the comic before anyone else! It's also handy for indoctrinating other people. For instance, with cunning, you can leave it in front of your toilet where guests are likely to pick it up. Or, you can simply use a friend or enemy's house for the shipping address!

Me? I'm taking my copy to Con.

Posted by Fenmere

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