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Welcome to the website of The Dragon & the Radical
(05 Jul 2007)

For the latest news concerning this comic and its creator, please visit The Chronicles of Fenmere, the Worm.

The Dragon and the Radical is a M-F webcomic that should run for about 80 pages starting June 4, 2007. It should need no explanation, just start from the beginning! Officially, however, it is a prequel to Harmless Free Radicals. D&R will be published as a hardcover book when it is done, hopefully in color.

This comic and the story it tells mean a lot to me. However, I am not at all bashful about reading whatever comments or feedback wayward readers might send my way! After all, this comic is ultimately an experiment. Please do let me know what you think in the comment form linked below.

Specific things I'd like to know from you include:

1. Is the story clear enough so far?

2. Is there any page or detail in the artwork and/or writing that needs tweeking?

3. What do you think of the format (one panel per page, 5 pages a week, schoolbook style typeface)?

4. Are you inclined to purchase a book of the comic when it's done? b/w or color?

5. Are there any other services or items you'd like available on the website?

6. Do you have any other wild suggestions?

Thank you,

Fenmere, the Worm. Author of Harmless Free Radicals

Posted by Fenmere

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