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Invisible Progress
(18 Aug 2007)

I've spent the day cleaning. Our apartment looks wonderful for the most part, but there's this pile of boxes in the office where I produce my comics.

Today, I made a point of tackling that pile. I found lots of original artwork from Harmless Free Radicals, and the manuscript for a short story I intend to publish, along with many useful things I'd forgotten I'd had. And despite keeping far too many things after that ordeal, I did completely empty and dispose of five boxes.

And yet, when I come back to my office, it looks like nothing has been done.

Anyway, I found none of my financial paperwork, which I desperately need. So I've got another session ahead of me.

Finally, I've spent no time this weekend working on The Dragon & the Radical, which means that with all the commission work I've been doing, if there is no miracle tomorrow, Monday's comic may be late or postponed until Tuesday.

Still, progress is progress! I've taken no steps backward yet.

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