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Wear Pink
(18 Sep 2007)

This story is awesome:

It is more awesome than anything I'm writing about here. As we will see in the story, Gretch & Ian will get some sort of solidarity from the rest of the students, but nothing quite as big as half the student body wearing pink. My story is about the power and challenge of making comics. This story of wearing pink is about the power of solidarity.

If the bullying had not been about some kid wearing pink, it might have been harder for his classmates to come up with such an obvious statement against the bullying. But it could have been done. Shirts with the words "Pick on me, too" could have been printed or something. All it takes is the will.

But if the bullying isn't seen as obviously ridiculous, maybe you wouldn't get an uprising like that. I mean, clearly you wouldn't. That's why it doesn't normally happen. And perhaps that's where the comics come in. To shift our view of what's ridiculous.

But I believe there is another kind of power and point to making comics, to art classes and other electives. And it's all in my script, so we'll get to it in time.

Posted by Fenmere

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