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Future Work
(24 Sep 2007)

It's beginning to look like the sequel to the Dragon & the Radical will be set in 1993, Ian and Gretchen's senior year. All because I want to be able to make certain cultural references. But it's also good, because being 18, Ian will make a good babysitter for a 6 year old Brian Musante.

It makes for an interesting symmetry for me, because I believe it was in my senior year that I came up with the creation myth that started this whole thing. I'll have to check my notes to be sure, though.

Also, I've been working on a story that I currently call "The Sunspot Chronicles." Originally it was meant to be a graphic novel (actually, it was an RPG first). But now I'm thinking that I'm going to write it as an illustrated sci-fi pulp, ultimately printed on newsprint if I can swing it. Or maybe something with a similar feel but archival if I have to go to a copy shop to get it done.

It might be a nice break from doing full blown comics, and I think I can do the story better justice if I stick it in prose.


On the other hand, a science fiction epic poem might be hilarious!

Posted by Fenmere

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