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These are the works of Grass Dog Studio of Bellingham, Washington.

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For A Forum
(20 Jan 2007)

I'm dinking around with the CuteNews comment system again, because I'm planning on activating it on the Whatcom Indy website. I want to make sure I know how it works, and what bugs it has before I do that, though, so that we can keep it running smooth and secure.

This is really just another test post, here, to see if something subtle is in effect.

Posted by Fenmere

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A Very Bad Thing
(17 Jan 2007)

I just suffered a massive hard drive failure. And like a stupid idiot, the last time I backed up my hard drive was January 20, 2005.

This means two things:

1. I've lost a lot of personal work that meant very much to me.

2. I've lost a lot of your work.

The print version of "Cell Phones & Cigarettes" is now indefinitely delayed. I no longer have a photo chronicle of my courting and engagement to my fiancee. And if you had me do any sort of computer work in the past two years, the original files are likely completely gone. This also goes for most of my email transactions.

I am so sorry for this!

On a personal level, I'm not as much of a wreck as I thought I'd be, but this is going to hurt when I start to try to pick up where I left off on a lot of things. There's going to be a big hole there.

Posted by Fenmere

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Comics Projects
(03 Jan 2007)

I once made a list of all the comic ideas I've generated and want to work on. It was over 15 comics long. This is a list of all the comics I'm actually working on now:

1. Harmless Free Radicals Quadshots and B-Sides (the comics that appear in the Indy)

2. HFR: CP&C (book #7 of the saga; stalled, but still almost done)

3. HFR: Burn! Burn! Retribution! (book #5; yep! It's on it's way finally!)

4. HFR: Hunt for Jade Crow (book #8; may be renamed)

5. HFR: Bagel Slayer (book #9; have seven pages to scan)

6. Crash Crandel in the 21st Century! (nothing to do with HFR)

And I am quite literally, and successfully, rotating through these comics every day, finishing one page at a time, and scripting ahead as far as I can go every so often.

It feels quite good, and soothing to finally have a solid workload. You'll start seeing more of it all on the Grass Dog Comics page first and soon. Then it'll start shifting over to the HFR website, once I figure out how I want to work the new stuff in.

I have special plans for the Hunt For Jade Crow, though. Also, my friend Tai was going to be inking that one, but I've needed to rewrite and redraw the pages I'd passed on to him and I don't want to be weighted down by working with someone at the moment. I still want to do a project with him at some point, as his inking rocks, but I need to get used to my own workflow first, I think.

Sorry, Tai, if this is the first you've heard of this. I meant to talk to you about it before posting, but I'm sleepy and need something to post about.



Posted by Fenmere

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(02 Jan 2007)

I finally finished the Whatcom Indy T-Shirt project. We'll be going on to the next stage relatively soon, which involves actual silk screening, and I've also got an idea for another design for the Indy that I want to get started (especially now that it's raining outside).

Anyway, I had a moment while ironing the 12 T-shirts I had to work on where I thought, "yeah, I could do this for a living." Which is true, but I'm not sure that I'd want to.

I did the numbers, and in order to keep the business roling, I'd need to do an average of 12 shirts a day, which I could do in about three to four hours a day. Which would actually be really nice and would give me time to comic.

Two problems:

1. I gotta spend at least that much time and energy trying to sell the shirts, and while that's in theory what the comic is for, I'm not doing a very good job of it at the moment. So it's more work than the initial figure.

2. The shirt orders are not going to come in an even 12 a day.

It still seems like the best cash flow is from licensing the comic to other publications. Which just means I gotta improve the comic. Which everybody wants anyway.

I'll hire other people to make the shirts when they're needed.

Posted by Fenmere

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(19 Dec 2006)

I haven't been very attentive to this thing in the past few days. I had a wedding to attend last Friday, and a very full weekend. I do have more of "Bagel Slayer" that I just need to scan and upload, and there will be regular HFR on Wednesday.

Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on my regular two HFR a week schedule soon.

One of the reasons some of these things are behind schedule is that I'm working on some T-Shirt projects. I've had some special requests, including a design for the Whatcom Indy, and I'm checking out one of my resources today. I should have some samples done and photographed by the end of the day.

Finally, I'm still kinda iffy on this whole comments thing. I'm not entirely sure why it's not working properly, except that maybe it was designed to work best with the "Full-Story" feature of CuteNews, which I'm not really using.

Posted by Fenmere

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