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Bellingham Dog

These are the works of Grass Dog Studio of Bellingham, Washington.

The Dust Bunny
(02 Mar 2007)

My other goal, besides drawing a little something every day, is to produce something sellable every week day. That's a little harder. I don't think I'll reach it right away, and it'll be easier when commissions start coming in. So here's a bit of pop art as my first attempt on a down day:

When I get my shipping stuff and online shopping code in order, I'd put a couple order buttons below this guy. He'd probably be available on a T-Shirt and as a large print. Placing an order will send a text message to my cell phone, alerting me that work must be done when I get home.

Shirts, for the most part, will be printed on demand, using high quality iron on decals.

One or two posters would be pre-printed, so I could ship 'em fast.

So, since there's a bit of a set-up procedure, a piece won't be sellable until I've finished printing it and entering all it's code into the system. So, very likely, once everything's rolling, "sellable" stuff won't appear until probably a whole week after I draw it.

Sometimes, it might even be touching up a sketch from last week.

Seems like a good system, really.

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Daily Sketch #5: a cellphone
(02 Mar 2007)

10 minutes with a blueline pencil and three markers.

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The Shadowcat
(01 Mar 2007)

I've fixed the things that were bugging me about this one, or at least as much as I'm prepared to fix with my current level of patience and the client already telling me it's great. I'll be delivering the .tiff to him tonight so he can place his order:

Next up is a tattoo design. If that client doesn't deliver his reference material by Monday, I'm going to pursue a Mallard Ice Cream Label to pass the time (I owe them the work anyway).

After whichever of those two projects comes last, my slate will be open and I'll activate my bidding process for commissions!


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Daily Sketch
(01 Mar 2007)

Using my Wacom Tablet, less than a minute:

Drawn from this (not traced, for practice):

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Ain't no wine, just the beer truth
(01 Mar 2007)

I've got a headache and a lot of stuff to do. Just means things'll be delayed today, but in the interest of being a professional I'm still going to do them:

1. Finish Sean's shadowcat
2. Draw a daily sketch (likely to be done on my Wacom tablet since I found the stylus!)
3. Work on comics

Boy do I have a lot of comics to work on. Fortunately, it's mostly blue-lining today.

Because of the headache, I'm probably going to set asside most of the evening to do all this, so you might not see anything until around 10pm.

And then around 10am tomorrow morning you'll have a comic and another daily sketch!

In other news

I just had a business meeting with the fine folks over at the Whatcom Independent (A.K.A. my day job), to discuss possible future cooperation between the Indy and Grass Dog Studio. It went well. In time, I may be able to offer some sweet deals. But I'm still working on the wording and policies for my own business.

In the mean time, if you want to test out my ad designing skills, you can give it a shot by placing an ad in the Indy -- (360) 676-9411. They've got a great circulation with an avid and astute readership that faithfully supports their advertisers, and they're good people to work with. I design half the ads, Heather does the other ones, so there's a chance I'll do your's. Either way, it'll look brilliant.

Posted by Fenmere

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