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These are the works of Grass Dog Studio of Bellingham, Washington.

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Dunh... Dunh... DAH-DUNH!!!
(24 Sep 2008)

The hardback case bound edition of Not The Worst of Harmless Free Radicals is here!

These books are pre-ISBN number, which means that they are gonna be rare. As soon as I have enough capital, I'm going to publish them for real, either through Lulu.com or that other publishing copy. When that happens, you'll be able to request for your bookstore to carry them. Until then, you have to get them through Lulu.com.

But I must say, they're work is pretty. And their large format hardback books are an awesome sight to behold, and an incredible joy to have.

Posted by Fenmere

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A change of pace
(19 Sep 2008)

As you may have noticed, Harmless Free Radicals and my other comics have been slowing down.

It's time for a vacation.

I've had a major life change recently in the loss of my job at the newspaper, and I haven't been able to replace it with steady work yet. It's been since June 12. Instead, I've replaced it with contract work. And on top of that, I'm not satisfied with my cartooning anymore. The grind of it is getting to me, and the quality of my artwork is not satisfying enough to counteract that grind.

This has happened to me before. Several times in my first two years of cartooning, I took a week or a month off. Then, I took a whole year off in 2004. When I came back, I came back with a vengeance, with my comic published in the Whatcom Independent, and my writing and my artwork improved by leaps and bounds.

Through fate and the changing landscapes in my own head, it's time for something like that again. So here's what I'm gonna do:

The handbills are hereby canceled. I don't have the time or money to keep up with fliering my home town. That's OK, I can bring them back later.

Harmless Free Radicals is now also officially on an "as I'm inspired basis." This is how I started the comic in the first place, so in a way it'll be like I'm starting over. What this means is that you'll be getting my most inspired writing and artwork, but it won't be regular.

However, I still have a bunch of other comic projects in the wings. Some of them are part of the Harmless Free Radicals project. Hopefully, they will get to see some light.

In the mean time, Grass Dog Studio is going to be getting my full attention. Some really cool things are about to happen with that site.

And hopefully, sometime within the next year, I'll find a new routine. To me, this is exciting. I hope it will be for you, too.

Posted by Fenmere

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(12 Sep 2008)

Grass Dog Studio Comics

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(coming soon: get goodies by mail | support the comic)

Posted by Fenmere

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Anybody Want a Shirt?
(26 Aug 2008)

All the orders have been taken for this shirt, and it is now off the market! There will be 12 total.

Congratulations to those of you who purchased one, you will have one of the rarest shirts I will ever have produced.

click to view larger image

I'll give you the fastest shipping I can afford with those rates, but it's probably 2-6 weeks, depending on where you're having me ship it to.

The deadline for this has passed and I've placed the order, so that I can get the shirts printed and in my hands by Con.

Posted by Fenmere

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FenShop 0.5b
(14 Aug 2008)

First up, I have not forgotten the promised publishing of my book. Currently it's ETA is the end of August.

What I am now calling FenShop, the shopping cart script for the FenDrawings, is going to go through some more changes in the next week.

The procedure for shopping should end up going something like this:

1. You browse through the drawings, seeing which ones are available and picking the one you'd like to add to your shopping cart.

2. You click on "Buy this drawing!" which takes you to a confirmation page where you can either agree to put it into your shopping cart (sending me a valid email address at the same time) or you can outright buy it. You will have 15 minutes to make this decision, during which time it will be marked "Pending" for the sake of other shoppers. If you confirm that you are going to buy the piece, it will then be marked "Claimed."

3. The very second I receive payment for the piece through PayPal, or the evening I receive your check, the piece will be marked "SOLD," and then sent to you.

4. There will be 15 pieces on display at any given time. New pieces will replace SOLD pieces first, and then they will begin replacing my least favorite pieces, hopefully making for a gallery of work that is my best stuff over time. Pending and Claimed pieces will be left alone until the transaction is completed.

There are a number of pieces left claimed right now, and I have not yet heard from the interested parties. As per my policy, these pieces still have 14 days since being claimed to be purchased (either a PayPal transaction takes place, or a check shows up in my mailbox)! At the end of those 14 days, they are fair game! If you are having trouble completing your transaction, please contact me through the contact form on the FenDrawings page. Be sure to include the item number with your message, if you can.

Posted by Fenmere

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