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Bellingham Dog

These are the works of Grass Dog Studio of Bellingham, Washington.

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Available Now!
(03 Aug 2007)

Subdued Romance
Purchase "Coffee, Comics & Subdued Romance"

A 16" by 21" full color 1890's retro style poster commemorating Harmless Free Radicals' 7th anniversary of publication! It features lead characters Ian Robertson and Brenna Quiloshe as they walk down the street, almost holding hands.

This illustration was drawn with pencil on vellum finish bristol board before being scanned at high resolution and colored in PhotoShop. Text and layout were handled in Illustrator. Samples of 1890's silk screen and lithographic posters and magazine covers were used as visual reference for the coloring and style.

Printed on archival matte finish stock with an Epson 4800, this poster is in fact a fine Giclee print, "pulled" by the artist himself (he presses the print button).

Each one is signed and numbered by the artist, Fenmere, the Worm, author of Harmless Free Radicals.

Sold unframed and unmatted, it's muted colors should go with nearly any sofa!

Posted by Fenmere

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It's Rock n' Roll!
(30 Jul 2007)

Latest Poster Design - click on it for full image!

This piece isn't for sale, yet. It's a poster design for the next Sir Reginold Cosgrove & His Night Time Singers show. So you can see it hanging around town in Bellingham right now, in theory.

Part of the philosophy of this poster is to play on the rumors going around that the city of Bellingham is against loud music. Sir Reg is a band that should appeal to a wide range of audiences, but their style can best be described as "Old Fashioned Rock n' Roll." They're not too loud, but they're loud enough! The next venue that they are playing in has had a series of frivolous noise complaints from their neighbors, including one timed at 7:30 in the morning! Ridiculous! Most music lovers in town should get a laugh outa this one.

This graphic was actually originally designed for the next Harmless Free Radicals compilation, entitled "What do you mean, there's no B-Side?!?" Which is a parody of a number of posters that could be seen in the store front of IOCreative on State Street a few years ago.

When the book cover is satisfactorily finished, you'll be able to buy either the book or a poster of the cover from my new online shop.

Until then, enjoy!

Posted by Fenmere

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Free Band Posters for Bellingham!
(19 Jul 2007)

As a warm-up to the Grass Dog Studio Grand Opening on July 31st, and in the interests of improving the poster designs seen around town, I am now beginning my offer to bands playing in Bellingham, WA. I will design you a poster for free!

Here's how it works:

At least 15 days before your show, you send me (postermonkey @ grassdogstudio . com) your event info -

Line-up: (all the bands that are playing, in the usual order of headliners first)
Cover charge:
Contact information:

- along with any special requests, reference material, photos, specifications, or blurbs...

And I design you a poster within 3 days. I will send you a PDF via email, or deliver a CD to where-ever you want it in town.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason (usually because I'm booked, if anything, though).

And this is all for free!

For now, you have to take the file to the printer yourself, and post the posters yourself, but I will set up a system for doing that for a small fee in time for my Grand Opening.


Tips are accepted

If your show goes well, and you earn a bit more than you were expecting, and you are satisfied with your poster, a modest tip after your show is always acceptable:

Posted by Fenmere

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Grass Dog Shop Grand Opening! COMING JULY 31
(15 Jul 2007)

Coming July 31st, 2007 -- The Grand Opening of the Grass Dog Studio Shop!

Possibly available beginning that day will be such items as:

1. All published Harmless Free Radicals books
2. Selected original artwork from all of my comics
3. Super fine artistic prints of my best works
4. Post card collections of my best political comics originally printed in the indy (useful for taunting informing your elected officials)
6. Bellingham Band Postering package (including flyering, handbills, press releases, and free poster design)
7. anything else I can dig up and sell...

T-Shirts, Mugs, Clocks and other CafePress style merch will still be in the works, as I am not yet satisfied with any of those products.

Posted by Fenmere

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The Next Sir Reg poster & concert!
(12 Jul 2007)

Here's my latest design in color and greyscale:

If you're in town, come see the show!

Posted by Fenmere

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