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(22 Aug 2007)

DandR might actually be on schedule again as of next week!

If I am, the next step will be to pick up the pace with HFR.

Posted by Fenmere

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Reader Dynamics
(20 Aug 2007)

Going through my site statistics, I can see that the last person to go through the archives stopped on this page:


I lost somebody there.

I'm not surprised, mind you. Nor really saddened. The day before, somebody went through the entire archives. And each page is getting lots of hits. But I find it interesting.

I have been feeling iffy about the dialog on that page. It's kind of abrupt, and feels a little contrived. On the other hand, I remember hearing and saying comments like Gretchen's when I was in middle school, and it makes the point I'm trying to make quite effectively.

Unless someone else can come up with astoundingly better wording, I'll probably leave it.

Posted by Fenmere

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Invisible Progress
(18 Aug 2007)

I've spent the day cleaning. Our apartment looks wonderful for the most part, but there's this pile of boxes in the office where I produce my comics.

Today, I made a point of tackling that pile. I found lots of original artwork from Harmless Free Radicals, and the manuscript for a short story I intend to publish, along with many useful things I'd forgotten I'd had. And despite keeping far too many things after that ordeal, I did completely empty and dispose of five boxes.

And yet, when I come back to my office, it looks like nothing has been done.

Anyway, I found none of my financial paperwork, which I desperately need. So I've got another session ahead of me.

Finally, I've spent no time this weekend working on The Dragon & the Radical, which means that with all the commission work I've been doing, if there is no miracle tomorrow, Monday's comic may be late or postponed until Tuesday.

Still, progress is progress! I've taken no steps backward yet.

Posted by Fenmere

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The Weirding Way
(17 Aug 2007)

A while back, I published this comic about bicyclers on the sidewalk in the Whatcom Independent. Deb, the receptionist of the Indy, and a few other people took real exception to the comic, feeling that I was unfairly attacking bicyclists in general, saying that they're all jerks or something. Part of this is that I published that comic in conjunction with Bike to Work day.

Well... The whole reason for that comic is that I saw it happen. Downtown Bellingham has these signs painted on every street corner indicating that it is illegal to ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. People do it anyway. And I saw a bicyclist flip off a pedestrian who was in his way. Just prior to that comic and for a month afterward, it was Spring, I saw three or four sidewalk bicyclists a week. They've tapered off now for some reason, but last night as I was leaving work a couple of bicyclists whipped past me at street speed passing within two feet of me, from behind.

Without thinking, I shouted at them, "Get off the sidewalk!"

And sheepishly, without looking at me, they both dutifully got off their bicycles and started walking them. They didn't strictly obey me, but so what? They fixed the situation.

I almost felt like a cranky old man, then, but I felt too good about it to care. My voice has power!

Posted by Fenmere

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What I'm doing!
(16 Aug 2007)

I've got a lot of stuff going down, and you might as well all hear about it.

Firstly, the pace seems to be picking up at work. For those who don't know, when I'm not comicking, I do layout for the Whatcom Independent, the one paper in this world that carries one of my comics! Actually, they carry two of my comics, if you count the editorials I draw for them. Anyway, we just hired another ad rep on top of the ad czar who's currently kicking butt. So I'm about to get more hours designing ads. Fun, fun, fun!

But I'm also pushing myself comic wise, so things are gonna get tight. Tight isn't necessarily bad, but it doesn't leave room for much socializing. If you find me down at the Black Drop Coffeehouse in Bellingham drawing, please do say "hi!" but go light on the conversation. I gotta get the following projects done:

1. As of this post I'm on page 41 of the Dragon & the Radical! That's half way done! I had a bit of an enforced break there after my wedding, but I dearly want to get everything done by BellCon2007, because I'm going to be there. BTW, anybody know how to rent a booth for that thing yet? I guess I just gotta email or message Darren...

2. I'm working on plans for stepping up the pacing of Harmless Free Radicals, but I'm not sure which way to jump. I've been telling a story this whole time via that comic, but it's kind of stalled and I'm losing a lot of momentum and enthusiasm for it. Also, it's arcane. But the weekly gag strips are apparently the talk of the town in Bellingham, so maybe I should focus more on those. Lots of feedback is very appreciated. But I don't have to make a decision on this until after The Dragon & the Radical has run its course.

3. I've got a super awesome script in the works to adapt Crash Crandell in th 21st Century! (the famous in Bellingham serial play) into comic format. I want to start that in November if I can.

4. I've got a story knocking around in my head that I also want to release this year as at least a weekly comic if not three days a week. It might go 2 months on, one month off, with Crash Crandell done in between. More on this one as it develops.

5. And I'm trying to produce at least one piece of fine art per week, which you'll get to see on the front page of the Grass Dog Studio site.

6. I intend to better streamline all the flow of links and information between all of my sites, and start to use this blogging settup more than my LiveJournal, maybe switching my LiveJournal over to friends only and later dropping my paid subscription to it. I'm more forgiving of SixApart than some of my friends, but I'd rather rely on myself and my own server than on a company that doesn't quite have my sense of scruples. It's cheaper to do that, too. But what that means is that I need to make subscribing to my RSS feed in other services that more obvious a thing to do.

7. Ooh! And we can't forget "I Can Draw Better Than This!"!!! I haven't forgotten it. It's overdue for a site overhaul, and I'm looking for a pouch in which I can carry and protect my index cards. If anybody has any suggestions for that, I'm all ears there as well.

8. Finally, I have some commission work rolling in. It doesn't pay much, so I need to get it done and out of the way ASAP. But it's nice to have the business. Still not sure I want to continue doing random stuff for other people, so if you want my services I suggest offering more compensation... Hint, hint.

Anyway, so lot's of work! It'll all probably get done a lot slower than I'd like, but the trick is that I've boiled it down to the few things that are really important. And I'm going to do them!

See you 'round the net! Look for more here as time goes on. And, as always, if you like what you read, spread the word.

Posted by Fenmere

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