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Bellingham Dog

These are the works of Grass Dog Studio of Bellingham, Washington.

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The FenDrawings!
(12 Aug 2008)

The shopping cart for the FenDrawings as advertised to the right of Harmless Free Radicals has up to now been more than kinda kludgey. I'm writing it myself.

It is working properly! There are some things I still need to do to it to make it more user friendly and explanatory, but it works and it works pretty well. It shouldn't screw you up.

I may be going about this whole thing the hard way, but I'm doing so in order to learn. It'll probably go through a few iterations over the next year, so please bare with me! I'll do my best to keep you up to date.

Still, there were some orders that look like they may have been placed before I fixed things. If you are one of the people who placed one of these orders, can you please use the form on the FenDrawings page to get ahold of me and let me know? Thanks!

email issues

It appears that my grassdogstudio.com email got backed up. Messages from the past 48 hours may be been returned or disappeared all together.

I have cleaned out the system and have been going through old messages, but if someone sent me something, say, in the last day? Could you send it again?

I just noticed that the Tiger Lilies drawing got claimed. Unfortunately, I don't know by whom yet. I hope my kludgey shopping system didn't throw you off. Please email me if you're the one who claimed it! In case there is a check in the mail, I'm going to leave it claimed for a week regardless of who emails me...

Posted by Fenmere

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Coloring Contest Results!
(01 Aug 2008)

click on image to view a gallery of the contestants

I was going to critique these, but I don't know what to say! In the end, I decided to judge these on exuberance, which is actually kind of what I planned on from the start, but it turns out that I'm just a little too biased about the whole exercise that I can't intellectually discuss these!

I'm so happy I got these in the mail (or handed to me over the counter of my favorite coffee shop). I will be putting them in archival sleeves, in a safe drawer next to my originals. And you all get posters.

I haven't decided what to do about T-shirts and books yet. I have pretty much budgeted myself to send you all books, so that's likely. The two first place winners were to get T-shirts. But Eva didn't give me her address or contact information. And while I could design new shirts and send you guys the prototypes, I also do have a single vintage 50% hemp shirt left. I'll have to wait and see what the winners have to say after I contact them.

This whole thing was so cool, in fact, that if anybody wants to color any of my other comics and send them to me (digital or by hand, email or snail mail), I'll post them to the front page of my site and put them in the gallery!

Have fun!

Posted by Fenmere

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HFR Coloring Contest Continued!
(11 Jul 2008)

In correspondence with the release of Not the Worst of... I am holding a Harmless Free Radicals coloring contest!

But I screwed up pretty bad the first time I announced it. First of all, the shipping address was wrong, so probably a number of entries never made it to me. Secondly, I took too long to let you all know about this! I'm a loser, it is true, but I also lost my day job right about the time I was collecting the first set of entries. I'm hoping that the following will help to rectify all my wrongs satisfactorily.

So I've extended the deadline to the end of this month, Thursday, July 31. And I will announce the winners on August 1.

It has two divisions. 12 years old and under, and 13 years old and over. All coloring must be done by hand, not on the computer, and entries sent to the Grass Dog Studio P.O. Box:

Fenmere, the Worm
P.O. Box 2363
Bellingham, WA 98227

Deadline is July 31, 2008. Winners will be announced August 1, 2008, the day after the release of the final edition of my book!

Winners will be chosen by myself. I will use all the expert training I received in college for critiquing artwork to judge the contest. In other words, if I'm impressed, you win!

All winners will receive large scale prints of their entries. Second and First place winners will also receive a free copy of Not the Worst of... First place winners will also win a free T-Shirt on top of that!

I'll need to be able to contact you regarding your T-shirt size. That is what your email address is for on the entry form. It will not be used for anything else.

Entry forms are available below. Take your pick:

Posted by Fenmere

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Fueled By Rocket Donuts
(04 Jun 2008)

I'm going to play with this a little more, and then sometime tomorrow maybe I'll walk it over to Rocket Donuts and see if it inspires them.

I want it on a T-Shirt.

Posted by Fenmere

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I just had the pleasure of designing this ad
(13 May 2008)

Our ad rep worked out most of the details with the client and the client provided us with the photo and content for the ad. There wasn't much in the decision making process for me, except the fonts, the precise placement of each letter, the border, level of grays in the photo and, well, that's it really!

What's great about this ad is that it has absolutely no use for a tag line, the photo does all the work itself. I adjusted the midtones to account for a 30% dot gain, so I hope some of the detail in the flower comes back in the printing. It usually does. But my point is that the flower is just so damn awesome! And I'm really happy about how the default sans serif mac font contrasts with the organic beauty of the photo.

The pleasure of working with it was in the details of the few choices I had. Coaxing a little extra beauty out of it. Playing with the thickness of the outlines on the text to create a great sense of movement and space, and tweaking the border just so to emphasize the depth of the photo.

I actually spent so little time on it, but it was such focused and easy time.


Posted by Fenmere

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